Game updates #28

  • * Fixed incorrect green color of the “level-x” line of players and npc’s.
  • * Fixed losing untradables on pvp death.
  • * Corrected the chances of getting god book pages from clues.
  • * Wall thieving has been added to the game! Head over to the Rogues den to start thieving.
  •  * Catching sharks fishing rate has been increased to a faster rate.
  •  * Fixed a bug with the entrance doors to the Dk’s.
  • * Corrected npc/object spawn and added 400+ missing npc spawns.
  •  * Rabbits now drop raw rabbit.
  •  * 06-Scape celebrates it’s first double exp event, which will last til monday! (x15 exp in all skills).
  • * Corrected npc/object spawn and added 250+ missing npc spawns.
  •  * The soul altar obelisk is now enabled and working correctly.
  •  * New player welcome message will now appear when the player has progressed abit.
  •  * Chompy birds are now in the game, dropping raw chompy.
  • * Added stat boosting effects to many of the edibles including Wild pie.
  •  * End of dxp event.
  • * Jug of wine will now decrease attack levels by 2.
  •  * Bad words will now be censored with *’s.
  • * Corrected npc/object spawn and added 200+ missing npc spawns.
  •  * Fixed some unnecessary bad words to be censored.
  •  * Easter event has started. Talk to Easter bunny south of Falador.
  •  * The vote point shop now offers Fine cloth for x4 vote points each.
  • * Fixed reported game bugs.
  •  * Corrected npc/object spawn and added 100+ missing npc spawns.
    (restart game clients for updates).
  • * Did some sensitivity changes to the bad words.
  •  * Corrected player animation when wearing splitbark top.
  •  * Added the ‘Wanted!’ quest for white armoury (short stats requiring only quest) trade Sir Vyvin for the armoury.
  •  * Corrected npc/object spawn and added 300+ missing npc spawns.
  •  * Corrected warrior animation in ardougne center.
  •  * Added Fishing Contest quest as a skill requirements only quest – unlocks Dwarven Tunnel area shortcut.
  • * Corrected npc spawns and added 300+ missing npc spawns.
  •  * Spiders in Ape atoll are now aggressive and poisonous.
  •  * Crystal equipment bug fix.
  •  * Added every single ground item drop to the game!
  •  * Teleblocks will now work correctly when it comes to wilderness lever pulling.
  •  * Corrected equip stat requirements for trimmed adamant armoury.
  • * Certain helms will now cover beard as intended.
  •  * Corrected npc spawns and added 200+ missing npc spawns.
  •  * Minor farming related bug fix.
  •  * Heroes quest now requires 55 quest points instead of 56.
  • * Farming bug fix.
  •  * Excalibur now requires 20 attack to wield.
  •  * You can now fill water with water barrel objects. 
  • * Farming plants fix when server updates. The system has been reworked to support this.

Best regards,
06-Scape Team

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