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Recent News
13-Dec-2022Game updates #30
* Fixed a noclip bug at the Barbarian agility course. * The worship option on the Ectofontus...
26-Sep-2022Game updates #29
* Magic coin scroll now has (1-10,000gp) included in its name. * Casket in vote shop is...
15-May-2022Game updates #28
* Fixed incorrect green color of the level-x line of players and npc's. *Fixed losing untradables...
6-Mar-2022Game updates #27
* Corrected the maps for shield of arrav quest authentic 1:1 2006 maps * Corrected Aberrant Specter...
27-Jan-2022Game updates #26
* Corrected the alching value for a certain item * Access to the blast furnace room *...
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