Game updates #27

  • * Corrected the maps for shield of arrav quest (authentic 1:1 2006 maps)
  • * Corrected Aberrant Specter drop table
  • * Added back the RFD chest
  • * Improved client version updating
  • * Added roofs toggle option in “World Select > Disable roofs”
  • * Patched afk experience gaining in the wilderness
  • * Untradable items will now appear on floor
  • * Fixed the gen store and dropping items issue
  • * Fixed a stuck red dragon spawn
  • * Finally fixed dropping items and selling to shops
  • * Wormbrain can now be killed/attacked
  • * Fixed certain npc’s facing the player after their death
  • * Player vs player exp rate is now x1
  • * Fixed desert lizard slayer task not counting other types of lizards
  • * Barrows piece rewards should be more frequent now
  • * Fixed the yell message crashing online players
  • * You can now redeem vote points with ::reward 1 1, to receive vote
    point tickets. These tickets can be spent at the Vote Trader that’s
    located inside Varrock west & east banks.
  • * Fix an issue with the farming skill leading to huge amounts of exp gain from planting a certain seed
  • * Upgraded client interfaces to a more mid 2006 look!
    (Restart your clients to login!)
  • * Fixed client updating new patches
  • * Updated more client interfaces to match mid 2006
  • * Vote point tickets are now stackable
  • * Homepage is now back to the default theme from having xmas
  • * Fixed an option issue with wormbrain


  • * Fixed dramen staff fletching
  • * Added the shortcut behind Kharyrll teleport in Canifis
  • * Toktz-ket-xil has correct block animation
  • * Fixed the stairs/ladders bug
  • * Fixed the use of last 3 prayers
  •  * Fixed an issue with dramen staff fletching to be 1:1
  •  * Spell to charge orbs is fixed 
  • * The ore respawn rate for adamantite and runite rocks has been lowered by 60% (for the reason of not having world hopping).
  • * Non-working quests are now more noticeable in the quest tab.
  • * Added the lighthouse dungeon for dagannoths to be accessed
  • * Fixed an area in fight caves that was singles to be multi now.
  • * Level up broadcast messages are now more frequent.
  • * You can now pass through the Dagannoth doors to access the three bosses
  • * Total levels will now be broadcasted in the chat box.
  • * Fixed an issue with the amount of hides used to make black d chaps.
  • * Vote point tickets will not be given if inventory is full on ::reward.

Best regards,
06-Scape Team

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