Game updates #26

  • * Corrected the alching value for a certain item
  •  * Access to the blast furnace room
  •  * Fixed a bug with tiaras (runecrafting)
  •  * Fixed an issue with the items on death system
  • * Username & password will save on login in your client 
  • * The client will now have a screenshot button on top which saves in
    your cache folder, “screenshots” 
  • * Updated the client to a more mid 2006 revision (you will notice some
    graphical gameframe changes including maps like the wilderness has
    obelisk teleporting). 
  • * Typo fix!
    * Piscatoris Fishing Colony added (monkfish fishing)! 
  • * Fixed the trapdoor to lumbridge celery
  • * Fixed a bug with screenshots & it will create a folder in your “desktop” when you take a screenie. 
  • * Re-added the RFD chest to the lumbridge celery.
  • * Some website improvements –
  • * Traveling to waterbirth island is now free after completion of the fremennik trials 
  • * Updated the client frame UI (restart client) 
  • * Fixed some bug reports
  • * Fixed an issue with the ::players command
    * You can now make toppings with baked potatoes
    * Fixed a missing duel requesting spot in the duel arena area
    * Corrected KBD drop tables
  • * Run energy will now only decrease in the wilderness after making a poll
  • * Fixed an issue with fletching
    * Fixed safespotting at barrows
    * Barrows piece rewards should be more common now
  •  * Barbarian outpost shortcut to the lighthouse now works, (18qp and 35 agility needed) 
  • * Waterfall dungeon is now accessible (must have rope)
  • * Fixed some safespotting objects that shouldn’t be safespottable 
  • * Re-enabled the new player message

Best regards,
06-Scape Team

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