Game updates #25

  • Corrected an issue with the ::reward command
  • Misc bug reports
  • Corrected the exp given in the abyss inner ring obstacles
  • Corrected some npc offensive & defensive bonuses
  • Added the Nature spirit quest, rewarding with the ability to transfer a normal silver sickle to silver sickle (b) to then cast bloom for Mort myre fungi’s
  • Peer the seer will now deposit your items after the quest
  • Corrected some npc bonsues & reported drop tables
  • Half keys shop also be more common now
  • Fixed an issue with woodcutting
  • Shops now restock item offers much faster
  • Fixed an issue with enchanting glories
  • Added global broadcast message for certain actions in-game (example: when a player reaches level 99 in any skill).
  • The ::players command will now show amount of quest points for players
  • beads from imps are more common
  • small bug reports
  • Sand pits should work now
  • death rune crafting bug fixed
  • Fixed the stairs at burthorpe games room.
  • Fixed an issue with smithing (reported bug).
  • Corrected the backend of player teleporting.
  • Corrected an issue with boosted skill levels.
  • Fixed an issue that would bug player’s items kept on death values.


Blessing a silver sickle in the grotto


Casting bloom and receiving Morty myre fungus

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